Saturday, September 23, 2006

Thanks BBC!

The BBC have updated the Open Archives with more excellent video footage. Spurn point and some Weather in the UK included in the new additions. The navigation of the site has also been improved. What a resource!

Geography Archive

You can now batch download a set of clips here.

Make sure you look outside the Geography part! Some examples are:

Leisure and Lifestyle

Business and Industry


Search by topic here or locality here.

I think I read somewhere this project may end soon so get in quick!

Geography of Happiness Project

How happy is your locality?

Excellent project from a number of geography teachers. I decided to try this out with a GCSE group....the amount of issues we discussed from the video stimulus was incredible.

Poverty, terrorism, sustainability, politics, immigration...are just a few!

Geograohy of Happiness

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Some start of term updates...

Two movies from Suzie Murphy on the Development page

"The Beautiful Game" from Victoria Ellis

"Why is Omar Stiching Footballs" from John Barlow

"Krakow: Poland's Tourist Magnet" from Christine LS

Thanks for your support.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Introducing Sticky

I was trying to avoid thinking about AS Rural module that I should have been planning and made this movie with a stick person and Microsoft Paint. I have never been one gifted in art but very much enjoyed making my first of maybe a few.

Anyhow, the movie looks at settlement site factors…can be used as a starter or plenary.

Feel free to make your own Sticky movie!

Click on the image to watch in Flash.

Click on this link to download