Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Flv and video conversion

Made a few finds this evening. Some I believe will be a great help and the programs are all free. Downloading flv files in seconds. No download required. Simply copy and past the html of the movie you require into the download box. How easy is that!

Super is a video converter that is I believe the first of its kind. It offers video conversion from many formats (which is often the case) and is it free (rarely the case). The bonus is it seems to work!

If you are just interested in converting flv movies to avi or mpeg then this is the program for you. Guide is available here.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Student Work using Movie Maker

Several moons ago Charles Gould from St Albans High in Hertfordshire sent some student work using movie maker to GATM (AS Level). I have now finally had time to upload them and they are available at the link below.

They are the top seven movies on the page.

Thanks Charles and class sorry it took so long.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Christmas is coming....

Well in an attempt to beat the major department stores and supermarkets to it....its Christmas time at GATM.

What do you need to get in the Christmas spirit?

Winter Fun Pack! Which is free to download
here. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Viewing Site in Internet Explorer

I use FireFox as my web browser, but I realised the other day the link buttons on the website appear differently in IE compared with Firefox. I am not aware of any way to solve this. If you find it annoying get Firefox I guess!

Geography Bond

Receieved nearly 20 new movies this week! Uploaded half of them check the Home Page for details. Among the movies sent in was Geography Bond by Gary Osburn, looking at the Burgess model.

If you want to make your own Geography Bond all you need is here. Scroll down to Geography Bond.

Windows Media High Definition

Free High Definition movie clips now available from Microsoft. Downloaded the Coral reef one and it looks excellent. These files can be adapted in movie maker. Click on image to go to page.