Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Video clips on the internet

The Internet now is a source of a number of video clips with geographical relevance. However some we are allowed to download and sadly some for whatever reason we are not! Actual video footage projected using an Interactive White Board or projection screen has many possibilities for geography teaching, from quirky starter clips from South Park to aerial footage of the Holderness coast.

To help me and hopefully others I searched the Internet to compile this list. Remember these are not all readily downloadable but there are ways and means.

If you want to add to this list feel free to send me an e mail or post a comment with your suggestion.


This website can to my attention via a post on the sln forum from Bruce Phillips (ARKive education officer). There is a wide variety of issue based video clips available. A list of current available clips can be found at this link to the sln forum.

BBC Open Archives

The BBC Open Archives project offers an array of useful clips. Please BBC we want more of this!

BBC Open Earth Archive

Again from the BBC the Open Earth Archive with exclusive footage from the “Planet Earth” series. This would be wonderful if this was replicated for the forthcoming "Equator Series".

BBC Open School Archive: Geography

The Open School Achive for Geography, I look forward to see this develop. Especially useful for tectonics and rivers.

BBC Open School Archive: Places

The Open School Archive for Places

Greenpeace Videos

Although not ready for download, Greenpeace have a variety of useful clips. You can search these by issue.


Searching for audio and/or video files? use this search engine.

East Yorkshire Coastal Observatory

High quality videos of the Holderness coast from The East Yorkshire Coastal Observatory.

Kingsgrove School

Flooding video clips from Kingsgrove School

Severe Weather

A wealth of severe weather from Australia and the USA.

Footage Firm

Although you have to pay for full access many clips available mainly from the USA.

British Pathe

Mainly history based but a few could be of value.

Ray Mears

Clips from Ray Mears, particularly useful one in the Amazon.

Learning Through Windows

Learning Through Windows created by Dan Raven-Ellison. Excellent footage of the Dorset Coast.

Channel 4 Clipbank

The whole package is pricey, but they do have a settlement collection as a trial.

United Streaming

An American online source for digital video. You can get a free 30 day trial and then mortgage your house and pay the subscription. However this is a truly superb resource, would be great to have something similar in the UK.

Annenberg Media Learner

Excellent videos here. Join up and movies can be viewed online but not downloaded (unless you know how). Many case studies that we all use.


See the seperate "Youtube" post.

Google Video

Both "Google Video" and "Youtube" clips can be downloaded using a Mozilla Firefox Add-on called Video Downloader. Still stuck? Here is a useful tutorial from Tony Cassidy .

Open University

Came to my attention on the sln forum by Tony Cassidy, 60 clips on a variety of subjects including Antartica and Rio.