Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Some of you may or may not know, that using images from most places on the Internet is an infringement of the owners copyright. As teachers we have a few choices:

1. Go and take photographs that are our own images. This can be difficult when making a Rainforest movie, especially on my position on the pay scale.

2. We can use copyright free images or ask (and get permission) to use. You must also give credit to the owner generally on the same page as that image. If the owner of the images does not reply then more than likely using them will be illegal. Indeed, legislation of educational use of these images is complex and well...frustrating.

3. You can pay to use images.

Ian Murray at Geographyphotos has the answer excellent value and no copyright worries. He has a range of 4,500 images (some I took..although not many).

WOW! A current special offer:

Special Christmas and New Year offer - all subscriptions
received from now on (until further notice) will be set to run
until the end of January 2009 ( yes, 2000 and NINE). This
offer will be automatically backdated to all subscriptions and
renewals since August 30th 2006. The sooner you join the
more time you'll have to use the site.....until 31st January
2009. Sign up now by email or post in the subscription form.

If we all used geographyphotos to make our movies then I would only have to worry about all the copyright issues for the music used. Which may well reduce my prison sentence when I am caught!